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SUDUL, Jennifer The Early works of Niki de Saint Phalle Ph.D. 2014 Storr, Robert Nochlin, Linda
HERMAN, Nicholas Jean Bourdichon (1457-1521): Tradition, Transition, Renewal Ph.D. 2014 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
CORRADINO, Christopher Giovanni Mansueti Painting in Venice Ph.D. 2014 Eisler, Colin T.
KAJIYA, Kenji Color-Field Painting in the Cultural Context of America Ph.D. 2014 Lubar, Robert S.
CANNADY, Lauren Owing to Nature and Art: The Garden Landscape and the Eighteenth-Century French Interior Ph.D. 2014 Crow, Thomas
SWARTOUT, Schuyler Fifth-century Sarcophagi from Aquitania and the Question of Visigothis Patronage M.A. 2013 Kopcke, Günter H.
SHIN, Myungjin Frederick Law Olmstead's System of Parks and Parkways in the Emerald Necklace, Boston M.A. 2013 Cohen, Jean-Louis
NESS, Shannon The Juno in the Kitchen: Representations of Women in the Domestic Shrines of Pompeii M.A. 2013 Welch, Katherine
JACKSON, Briana Universalizing Tendencies and the Exchange of Art and Luxury Goods in the Reigns of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten M.A. 2013 O'Connor, David
HENSELLEK, Betty A Reconsideration of the So-Called Sasanian Senmurv Kaftan M.A. 2013 Thomas, Thelma
GONZALEZ, Sarah The Demonic Mirror of Siyah Qalam: Societal Self-Perception through Depictions of Demons M.A. 2013 Soucek, Priscilla
SHEWARD, Deanna Building for the Bomb: Monumentality and the Manhattan Project Ph.D. 2013 Cohen, Jean-Louis
SCHNEIDER, Lindsey The Late Career of Pietro da Cortona and Roman Baroque Painting after 1650 Ph.D. 2013 Brown, Jonathan
O’DEA, Rory Science Fiction and Mystic Fact: Robert Smithson’s Ways of World Making Ph.D. 2013 Storr, Robert
LUI, Lihong A Known World: The Pictorial Construction of Place in the Art of Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, and Lu Zhi Ph.D. 2013 Hay, Jonathan
LEVY, Matthew Abstract Painting and the Minimalist Critiques: Robert Mangold, David Novros, Jo Baer Ph.D. 2013 Storr, Robert
HILL, Joe Becoming Global: Contemporary Art Worlds in the Age of the Biennials Boom Ph.D. 2013 Storr, Robert
DONAHUE, Nathaniel Decorative Modernity and Avant-Garde Classicism in Renoir's Late Work, 1892-1919 Ph.D. 2013 Nochlin, Linda
TRENTINELLA, Rosemarie The Roman Villa in Calabria: Case Studies in Visual Culture Ph.D. 2013 Welch, Katherine
RICH, Alexander Artist or Critic: Guy Pène du Bois and the Search for Artistic Identity Ph.D. 2013 Nochlin, Linda
NOORMAN, Judith The Unconventional Career of Jacob van Loo (1614-70), Painter in Amsterdam and Paris Ph.D. 2013 Westermann, Mariët
MONTI, Elizabeth Art for an Antipope at the Court of Clement VII (1378-1394) Ph.D. 2013 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
MERFISH, Beth Stars in Complex Constellations: Mexico City’s Taller de Gráfica Popular through Inside and Outside Histories Ph.D. 2013 Sullivan, Edward J.
KORNFELD, Abby Meanings in the Margins: Between Text and Image in the Barcelona Haggadah Ph.D. 2013 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
IMBREY, Jai Fictive Frames in Mantegna’s Devotional Art Ph.D. 2013 Eisler, Colin T.
HOKANSON, Alison The Soul of Solemn:Places: The Interior Scenes of Henri De Braekeleer (1840-1888) Ph.D. 2013 Nochlin, Linda
HENDRICKS, Genevieve Collision and Collusions: Interactions in Le Corbusier’s Art and Architecture, Purism and Beyond Ph.D. 2013 Cohen, Jean-Louis
HANAN, Melanie Romanesque Casket Reliquaries: Forms, Meanings, and Development Ph.D. 2013 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
GENSHEIMER, Maryl Decoration and Display in the Imperial Thermae: Issues of Intention, Reception, and Visual Experience at the Baths of Caracalla Ph.D. 2013 Welch, Katherine
FEDERMAN, Rachel Framing Los Angeles: Artists' Environments and Institutional Space, 1962-1994 Ph.D. 2013 Crow, Thomas
DUBS, Jason Making a Scene: The Colectivo Acciones de Arte, the Chilean Neo-Avant-Garde, and the Politics of Visibility, 1975-89 Ph.D. 2013 Sullivan, Edward J.
CHAFFEE, Cathleen Decors: Marcel Broodbrothers Late Exhibition Practice, 1974-75 Ph.D. 2013 Storr, Robert
BIRKHOFER, Denise On and Off the Streets: Photography and Performance in Mexico City, 1974-1984 Ph.D. 2013 Sullivan, Edward J.
WIJEGOONARATNA, Michele Anne Tradition, Innovation and the Construction of Identity in Otto Dix’s Portraits and Self-Portraits 1912-1925 Ph.D. 2013 Lubar, Robert S.
WEILER, Derek Serial Aesthetics and the Concept of Technique: Mel Bochner and the 1960s Ph.D. 2013 Weiss, Jeffrey
TEECE, Denise-Marie Vessels of Verse, Ships of Song: Persian Anthologies of the Qara Quyunlu and Aq Quyunlu Period Ph.D. 2013 Soucek, Priscilla
SIGUR, Hannah Neoclassicism and National Identity: Japan, the United States, and International Expositions 1862-1915 Ph.D. 2013 Cohen, Jean-Louis
FINOCCHIO, Ross Henry Clay Frick: The Making of an American Collector, 1880-1905 Ph.D. 2013 Brown, Jonathan
ABBE, Mark The Polychromy of Roman Marble Sculpture: Aphrodisias and Corinth Ph.D. 2013 Welch, Katherine
GARDINER, Alexandra Women Avowed: Female Representations on Attic White Ground Lekythoi M.A. 2012 Kopcke, Günter H.
MIRANDA, Amy Three Critical Circuses for Roman Architecture: The Circus Maximus, Circus Varianus, and Circus of Maxentius M.A. 2012 Welch, Katherine
COLLINS, Matthew Mussolini the Demigod: From Pictures and Words to Buildings and Streets M.A. 2012 Cohen, Jean-Louis
DE PINTO, Austen Leigh Women of Aphrodisias: Female Portrait Sculpture in its Civic and Cultural Context M.A. 2012 Welch, Katherine
WYSOCKI, Kathryn Images for the King: The Bronze Plaques of the Benin Court in their Architectural Context Ph.D. 2012 Hay, Jonathan
PACKER, Lelia Imitation and Innovation in Materials in Early Modern Northern European Art: Pen Prints, Pen Drawings, and Pen Paintings, c 1580-1670 Ph.D. 2012 Westermann, Mariët
MONTROSS, Sarah Cartographic Communication: Latin American New Media Artists in New York, Juan Downey and Jaime Davidovich (1960s-1980s) Ph.D. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
LEAPER, Laura Time, Memory and Ritual: deciphering visual rhetoric in Diego Valades’ Rhetorica Christiana Ph.D. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
CONSIDINE, Liam New Realisms: Pop Art in France, 1962-1968 Ph.D. 2012 Crow, Thomas
FRANCO, Ana Edgar Negret and Eduard Ramirez-Villamizar: Transnational Encounters and the Rise of Modernism in Colombian Art, 1944-1964 Ph.D. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
WILLIAMS, Evan Ever Drifting: Anna Atkins and the Birth of the Photobook M.A. 2012 Slifkin, Robert
YOUNG, Allison Penny Siopis' My Lovely Day: Film and the Politics of Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
WILLIAMS, Sandra Antoin Sevruguin and His Contemporaries M.A. 2012 Soucek, Priscilla
WINNIK, Arielle Silks with Ornamental Palmette Tree Designs in Late Antique Egypt M.A. 2012 Thomas, Thelma
WHITE, Kathleen Damaged Child: Poor Children in Photography, Print and Film of the Great Depression M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
VIGNONE, Vittoria From Attributes to Emblems: Pervasive Imagery of Cortigiane Oneste in Sixteenth-Century Italian Painting M.A. 2012 Hood, William
USLIP, Jeffrey Cady Noland: Towards (And Against) A 1960s Methodology M.A. 2012 Slifkin, Robert
SMALL, Samantha Agency in Print: Kathe Kollwitz and Fin-de-Siècle German Print Culture M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
SHEN, Frances Holly The Art/work of Mel Bochner’s Working Drawings M.A. 2012 Weiss, Jeffrey
SHAHI, Kimia …To draw the Eyes of the Spectators upon them: Bernard Picart and the Indian Image, in the Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde M.A. 2012 Flood, Finbarr Barry
SERRANO, Blanca The Baroque and the Neo-Baroque in the Cuban Visual and Literary Avant-Gardes, 1930-50 M.A. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
DE LA VáLGOMA RODRíGUEZ-MONGE, Blanca Politics and Portraits: The Exchange of Royal Portraits between Spain, France and Austria in the 1650s M.A. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
PISANO, Elizabeth A Good Picture Always Sells Well?: Charles T. Yerkes and the Rise of Spectacle in the Modern Auction M.A. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
NELSEN, Erika The Collection of Jules S. Bache M.A. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
MELCHIN, Emily Women's Work: Images of Women by WPA-FAP Female Printmakers M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
MARCELINO, Kimberly Disappearance and Depiction: Illustrations of Itinerant Traders in Post-Industrial Paris and London M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
LANGER, Amelia Antonio Seguí, 1961-1970: Buenos Aires to Paris M.A. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
LANG, Melinda Un-stacking Judd’s Stacks: The Delegated Fabrication Process M.A. 2012 Weiss, Jeffrey
KLASSON, Emily Deutschland will leben- Deutschland muß bauen: Architectural Exhibitions in Postwar Germany M.A. 2012 Cohen, Jean-Louis
KIM, Rachel Hervé Télémaque’s Return to Figuration M.A. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
KIEFER, Emma Rose Andrea, Nardo, and Jacopo di Cionel Collaboration in Mid-Trecento Florentine Painting M.A. 2012 Nagel, Alexander
KHALID, Farisa Starstruck: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood M.A. 2012 Crow, Thomas
JONES, Rebecca Hiroshi Sugimoto's Dioramas and Medieval Holy Images M.A. 2012 Nagel, Alexander
HARDIN, Sarah Charlotte Park’s Paintings and Abstract Expressionism M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
EMERSON, Julie Painting the "Authentic": Carlos Alberto Castellanos on Both Sides of the Atlantic M.A. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
COYLE, Alexander Historical Problems and the Representation of Time at San Marco in Venice M.A. 2012 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
COURCOULAS, Alexandra Constructing Cities/ Constructing Identities: Thessaloniki and Izmir in the early Twentieth Century M.A. 2012 Cohen, Jean-Louis
CANNARELLA, Emily Tradition, Imitation, and Ornament: Giorgio Vasari’s Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist in the Acton Collection, Villa La Pietra M.A. 2012 Rubin. Patricia
BUNNELL, Natalie Modernismo and Magazine Illustration in Mexico City, 1890-1910 M.A. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
BROWN, Michelle Dancing with Scissors: Embodied Responses to Matisse's Representations of Dance M.A. 2012 Nochlin, Linda
BRASS, Mary Roman Catholic Imagery and Philosophy in Rauschenberg's Work of the 1950s and 60s M.A. 2012 Crow, Thomas
BEZVERKHNY, Eva The New Vision: The Cinematic Apparatus in Russia, Germany, and France, 1920-1929 M.A. 2012 Lubar, Robert S.
AHMED, Alzahraa Refiguring Figurines: The Many Lives of Amulets/Dolls across the Byzantine and Islamic Eastern Mediterranean, 6th -12th Century M.A. 2012 Thomas, Thelma
GUSTAFSON, Erik Tradition and Renewal in the Thirteenth-Century Franciscan Architecture of Tuscany Ph.D. 2012 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
POPKIN, Maggie The Triumphal Route in Republican and Imperial Rome: Architecture, Experience, and Memory Ph.D. 2012 Welch, Katherine
NELSON, Adele The Monumental and the Ephemeral: The São Paulo Bienal and the Emergence of Abstraction in Brazil, 1946-1954 Ph.D. 2012 Sullivan, Edward J.
MATTEINI, Michele Painting in the Age of Evidential Scholarship (Kaozheng): Luo Ping’s Late Years, ca 1770-1799 Ph.D. 2012 Hay, Jonathan
LEE, Yulin Strategies of Spatialization in the Contemporary Art Museum: An Exploratory Study of New Museums of Contemporary Art in Japan Ph.D. 2012 Cohen, Jean-Louis
JOHNSON, Danielle Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, 1928-1938 Ph.D. 2012 Lubar, Robert S.
JACOBI, Lauren The Topography of Money: The Architecture and Urbanism of Banks in Renaissance Italy Ph.D. 2012 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
GRAFF, Sarah Humbaba/Huwawa Ph.D. 2012 Welch, Katherine
GARDONIO-FOATE, Casey Professional Women Artists of Iberia’s Golden Age: Careers in Context Ph.D. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
UDELL, Jennifer Times of Day and Times of Year on Athenian Vases Ph.D. 2012 Marconi, Clemente
MADOLE,Sarah Innovation and Identity on Mythological Frieze Sarcophagi from Roman Asia Minor Ph.D. 2012 Welch, Katherine
LEYVA-GUTIERREZ, Niria E., Painting Power: Images of Ecclesiastical Authority in Seventeenth-Century New Spain Ph.D. 2012 Brown, Jonathan
KASL, Ronda The Making of Hispano-Flemish Style: Art, Commerce, and Politics in Fifteenth-Century Castile Ph.D. 2012 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert
HUNG, Karen Carved Elegance: Hans Thoman, German Renaissance Sculptor Ph.D. 2012 Eisler, Colin T.
FOWLKES, Isabel The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in Rome: Archaeology, Topography, and Connections to the Roman East Ph.D. 2012 Marconi, Clemente
AJELLO, Guendalina Afterlives: The Reuse, Adaptation and Transformation of Roma’s Ancient theaters Ph.D. 2012 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
HUCKINS, Pamela Art in the Alta California Mission Churches, 1769-1834 Ph.D. 2011 Brown, Jonathan
HUTTERER, Maile Broken Outlines and Structural Exhibitionism: the Flying Buttress as Aesthetic Choice in Medieval France Ph.D. 2011 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
VEITH, Jessica Memorializing the Past: Jan de Bray and the Construction of Identity in Seventeenth-Century Haarlem Ph.D. 2011 Westermann, Mariët
DAVIDSON, Vanessa Paulo Bruscky and Edgardo Antonio Vigo: Pioneers in Alternative Communication Networks, Conceptualism, and Performance (1960s-1980) Ph.D. 2011 Sullivan, Edward J.
MCCARTHY, Heather Queenship, Cosmography, and Regeneration: The Decorative Programs and Architecture of Ramesside Royal Women's Tombs Ph.D. 2011 O'Connor, David
Adamjee, Qamar Strategies for Visual Narration in the Illustrated Chandayan Manuscripts Ph.D. 2011 Soucek, Priscilla
MOORE, Kathryn Italian Copies of Holy Land Architecture: The Illustrated Versions of Niccolò da Poggibonsi’s Libro d’Oltramare Ph.D. 2011 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
KORTE, Cheryl Polychromed Quattrocento Sculpture in Florence Ph.D. 2011 Eisler, Colin T.
LACKMAN, Jonathan Art-Critical Invective in Paris: 1844-1876 Ph.D. 2011 Nochlin, Linda
KINNEE, Lauren The Roman Trophy: From Battlefield Marker to Emblem of Power Ph.D. 2011 Welch, Katherine
Jozefacka, Anna Rebuilding Warsaw: Conflicting Visions of a Capital City, 1916-1956 Ph.D. 2011 Cohen, Jean-Louis
HEUER, Keely The Head as a Decorative Motif in South Italian Vase Painting Ph.D. 2011 Mertens, Joan
COUTRE, Jacquelyn Jan Lievens: Painting, Politics and Decoration in Dutch Art, 1653-1669 Ph.D. 2011 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert
CASTANEDA, Luis The Twilight of the Miracle: The Politics of Architecture in Mexico, 1953-1968 Ph.D. 2011 Cohen, Jean-Louis
CALVERT, Amy The Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Research in a Study of the Regalia of Ramses III Ph.D. 2011 O'Connor, David
BLOKKER, Johanna (Re) Constructing Identity: World War II and the Reconstruction of Cologne’s Destroyed Romanesque Churches, 1945-1985 Ph.D. 2011 Cohen, Jean-Louis
BELL, Esther Charles-Antoine Coypel: Painting and Performance in Eighteenth-Century France Ph.D. 2011 Brown, Jonathan
Turnbow, Heather Sacrophagi and Funerary Display in Roman Aphrodisias Ph.D. 2011 Welch, Katherine
KAMADA, Yumiko Flowers on Floats: The Production, Circulation, and Reception of Early Modern Indian Carpets Ph.D. 2011 Soucek, Priscilla
ISRAEL, Matthew Paradigms of Protest: American Artists Against the Vietnam War Ph.D. 2011 Storr, Robert
BROWN, Michael Portraiture in New Spain, 1600-1800: Painters, Patrons and Politics in Viceregal Mexico Ph.D. 2011 Brown, Jonathan
AMERI, Marta Sealing at the Edge of the third Millennium Middle Asian Interaction Spheres: The View from Gilund, Rajasthan, India Ph.D. 2010 Pittman, Holly Soucek, Priscilla
KARAFEL, Lorraine Raphael’s all’antica Tapestries for Pope Leo X: Art, Culture, and Politics in Early Sixteenth-Century Rome Ph.D. 2010 Eisler, Colin T.
HORTON, Heather Authority and Innovation in Alberti’s Theory and Practice Ph.D. 2010 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
STRAUSSMAN-PFLANZER, Eve Felsine Pittrici: The Women Artists of Early Modern Bologna Ph.D. 2010 Nochlin, Linda
DONATI, Jamieson Towards an Agora: The Spatial and Architectural Development of Greek Commercial and Civic Space in the Peloponnese Ph.D. 2010 Marconi, Clemente
HARRIS, Lindsay Picturing the 'Primitive': Photography, Architecture, and the Construction of Italian Modernism, 1911 - 1936 Ph.D. 2010 Cohen, Jean-Louis
HRYCHUK, Anne From Fornix to Arcus: The Origins, Development and Imperial Transformation of the Freestanding Roman Arch (196 BCE to 54 CE) Ph.D. 2010 Welch, Katherine
MCEWEN, Abigail The Practice and Politics of Cuban Abstraction, c. 1952-1963 Ph.D. 2010 Sullivan, Edward J.
SAMU, Margaret The Female Nude in Nineteenth-Century Russian Art: A Study in Assimilation and Resistance Ph.D. 2010 Nochlin, Linda
WAXMAN, Lori A Few Steps towards a Revloution of Everyday Life: Walking with the Surrealists, the Situationist International, and Fluxus Ph.D. 2010 Crow, Thomas
PAIK, Tricia Y. A palpable vision: Ellsworth Kelly in New York, 1954-1969 Ph.D. 2009 Lubar, Robert S.
POLEDNIK, Marcelle History in the making: Sigmar Polke and photography Ph.D. 2009 Lubar, Robert S.
ZIEVE, Karen Painting between the Lines: Eugène Delacroix, Orientalism, and Other Histories Ph.D. 2009 Nochlin, Linda
NOGRADY, Elizabeth Ann Abraham Bloemaert (1566--1651), the 'Netherlandish Academy' and artistic collaboration in seventeenth-century Utrecht Ph.D. 2009 Westermann, Mariët
LUGLI, Emanuele Pietre di paragone: The production of spatial order in the twelfth-century Lombard city Ph.D. 2009 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
MARLAR, Michelle The Osiris Temple at Abydos: An archaeological investigation of the architecture and decorative elements of two temple phases Ph.D. 2009 O'Connor, David
LUBOWSKI, Alicia Eve The picture of nature: Alexander von Humboldt and the tropical American landscape Ph.D. 2009 Sullivan, Edward J.
STOKIC, Jovana The body beautiful: Feminine self-representations, 1970--2007 Ph.D. 2009 Nochlin, Linda
SCHWARTZ-SIMON, Malka The space of production: Brooklyn and the creation of an urban industrial landscape Ph.D. 2009 Cohen, Jean-Louis
PIOTROWSKA, Anna Karolina The early career of Carle Vanloo: Training and practice in the capitals of Europe Ph.D. 2009 Westermann, Mariët Bailey, Colin
MINIOUDAKI, Kalliopi Women in Pop: Difference and marginality Ph.D. 2009 Nochlin, Linda
LEADER, Karen L'esthetique du rire: Caricature and art in nineteenth-century Paris Ph.D. 2009 Nochlin, Linda
DOQUANG, Mailan S. Rayonnant chantry chapels in context Ph.D. 2009 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
BRODSKY, Estrellita Bograd Latin American artists in postwar Paris: Jesus Rafael Soto and Julio Le Parc, 1950--1970 Ph.D. 2009 Lubar, Robert S. Sullivan, Edward J.
BARRETT, Kerry The artful hand: Pieter Soutman's life and oeuvre Ph.D. 2009 Westermann, Mariët Orenstein, Nadine
BARK, Julianna M. Liotard's ''terroir genevois'' Ph.D. 2009 Westermann, Mariët
YUNN, Amee The Bargello: A new history of the first communal palace of Florence, 1255--1346 Ph.D. 2009 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
BELASCO, Daniel Between the Waves: Feminist Positions in American Art, 1949--62 Ph.D. 2008 Nochlin, Linda
BUCKLAND, Rosina Traveling Bunjin to Imperial Household Artists: Taki Katei (1880-1901) and Transformation of Literati in Late Nineteenth-Century Japan Ph.D. 2008 Hay, Jonathan Trede, Melanie
CROIZAT-GLAZER Yassana Fashioning Femininity: Beauty, royalty and the Rhetoric of Gender at Fontaine Bleau Ph.D. 2008 Eisler, Colin T.
DALGIC, Orgu Late Antique Floor Mosaics of Constantinople prior to the Great Palace Ph.D. 2008 Mathews, Thomas F.
DOLPHIN, Erika Archbishop Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros and the Decoration of the Chapter Room and Mozarabic Chapel in Toledo Cathedra Ph.D. 2008 Brown, Jonathan
DRAKAKI, Eleni Hard Stone Seals from Late Bronze Age Burials of the Greek Mainland: A Contextual and Historical Approach to the Study of their Ownership Ph.D. 2008 Kopcke, Günter H.
EARLE, Jason W. Trade and Culture in the Cycladic Islands during the Late Bronze Age Ph.D. 2008 Kopcke, Günter H.
GLAZER, Joshua From Dossale to Macchina: The Silver Altar of Saint John the Baptist and its Symbolic function in Florence Ph.D. 2008 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
GRANATO, Lois Ludovico Gonzaga, Barbara of Brandenburg, Andrea Mantegna : the audience room in the castle in Mantua, imagery of virtue, rulership, and destiny Ph.D. 2008 Brandt, Kathleen Weil-Garris
KEE, Joan Points, Lines, Encounters, Worlds: Tansaekhwa and the Formation of Contemporary Korean Art Ph.D. 2008 Hay, Jonathan
KLICH, Lynda Revolution and Utopia: Estridentisimo and the Visual Arts, 1921-27 Ph.D. 2008 Lubar, Robert S. Sullivan, Edward J.
KREINIK, Juliana The Canvas and the Camera in Weimar Germany: A New Objectivity in Painting and Photography of the 1920s Ph.D. 2008 Lubar, Robert S.
LOURIE, Ariane Mass-Produced Aura: Thonet and the Market for Modern Design, 1930-1953 Ph.D. 2008 Cohen, Jean-Louis
NOGUEIRA, Alison Manges Portraits of the Visconti and the Sforza: Image and Propaganda in Milan, c. 1300-1500 Ph.D. 2008 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
OPPENHEIM, Adela Aspects of the Pyramid Temple of Senwosret III at Dahshur: The Pharaoh and Deities Ph.D. 2008 O'Connor, David
PLOTEK, Ariel Allegory in the Age of Realism: Monumental Sculpture in France 1848-1880 Ph.D. 2008 Nochlin, Linda
RAMIREZ-WEAVER, Eric Carolingian Innovation and Observation in the Paintings and Star Catalogs of Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS. 3307 Ph.D. 2008 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
SAVOY, Daniel Water Myth in Early Modern Venice Ph.D. 2008 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
UNRUH, Alison Aspiring to la vie galante: Reincarnations to Rococo in Second Empire France Ph.D. 2008 Nochlin, Linda
YOON, Rangsook Albrecht Dürer, The Printmaker and Self-Publisher: His Formative Years up to the Publication of the Apocalypse of 1498 Ph.D. 2008 Eisler, Colin T.
ADAMS, Ellen E. After the Rain: Surrealism and the Post-World War II Avant-Garde, 1940-1950 Ph.D. 2007 Lubar, Robert S.
AMSELLEM, Patrick Remembering the Past, Constructing the Future. The Memorial to the Deportation in Paris and Experimental Commemoration after the Second World War Ph.D. 2007 Cohen, Jean-Louis
ANDERSON, Susan Witty and Lascivious Amusements: The Drawings of Cornelis Dusart and the Dawn of the Eighteenth Century Ph.D. 2007 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert
BADIEE-BANTA, Andaleeb Bernardo Strozzi: Defining an Artistic Identity in Early Seventeenth-Century Genoa Ph.D. 2007 Brown, Jonathan
BESTOCK, Laurel The Development of Royal Funerary Cult at Abydos: Two New Funerary Enclosures from the Reign of Aha Ph.D. 2007 O'Connor, David
BURNHAM, Helen Fashion and the Representation of Modernity: Studies in the Late Work of Edouard Manet, 1832-1883 Ph.D. 2007 Nochlin, Linda
CARTWRIGHT, Sarah The Collectio Antiquitatum of Giovanni Marcanova (Modena Biblioteca Estense Universitaria Ms. alfa. L.5.15 = Lat. 992) and the Quattrocento Antiquarian Sylloge Ph.D. 2007 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
DESTAEBLER, Peter The City Wall of Aphrodisias and Civic Identity in Late Antique Asia Minor Ph.D. 2007 Ratté, Christopher
DUFFY-ZEBALLOS, Lisa Murillo's Devotional Paintings and the Late Baroque Culture of Prayer in Seville Ph.D. 2007 Brown, Jonathan
ELET, Yvonne Papal villeggiatura in early modern Rome: poetry, spoils, and stucco at Raphael's Villa Madama Ph.D. 2007 Brandt, Kathleen Weil-Garris
EPSTEIN, Johanna The Impressionist Brush: Perceptions of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art in France Ph.D. 2007 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert Nochlin, Linda
GALLIGAN, Gregory The Cube in the Kaleidoscope: The American Reception of French Cubism, 1918-1938 Ph.D. 2007 Lubar, Robert S.
GANZ BLYTHE, Sarah Promising Pictures: Utopian Aspirations and Pictorial Realities in 1890s France Ph.D. 2007 Nochlin, Linda
GENONI, Mia Reinoso Filarete in Word and Image: Persuasion and Invention in the Architetonico Libro Ph.D. 2007 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
HAMLIN, Amy Between Form and Subject: Max Beckmann's Critical Reception and Development, ca. 1906-1924 Ph.D. 2007 Lubar, Robert S.
HUMPHREY, Lyle The Illumination of Confraternity and Guild Statues in Venice, ca. 1260-1500: Mariegola Production, Iconography, and Use Ph.D. 2007 Alexander, Jonathan J.G.
KIM, Jongwoo Royal Academicians and the Crisis of Masculinity in Modern England Ph.D. 2007 Nochlin, Linda
KNAAP, Anna C. Seeing in Sequence: Rubens and the Jesuit Church in Antwerp Ph.D. 2007 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert
LEOPARDI, Liliana Aesthetic Hybrids: Interpreting Carlo Crivelli's Ornamental Style Ph.D. 2007 Eisler, Colin T.
McBREEN, Ellen The Pinup and the Primitive: Eros and Africa in the Sculpture of Henri Matisse (1906--1909) Ph.D. 2007 Lubar, Robert S.
McGARRY, Rachel Louise The Young Guido Reni: The Artist in Bologna and Rome, 1575-1605 Ph.D. 2007 Brown, Jonathan
RITTER, Jonathan The American Civic Center: Urban Ideals and Compromise on the Ground Ph.D. 2007 Cohen, Jean-Louis
LEHMBECK, Leah Rosenblatt Edouard Manet's Portraits of Women Ph.D. 2007 Nochlin, Linda
RYDER, Edmund C. Micromosaic Icons of the Late Byzantine Period Ph.D. 2007 Mathews, Thomas F.
SARDAR, Marika Golconda through Time: A Mirror of the Evolving Deccan Ph.D. 2007 Soucek, Priscilla
SHEAN, Julie Models of Virtue: Images and Saint-Making in Colonial Puebla (1640-1800) Ph.D. 2007 Brown, Jonathan
STINSON, Philip The Civil Basilica of Aphrodisias in its Local and Wider Settings Ph.D. 2007 Ratté, Christopher Welch, Katherine
WAIBOUR, Adriaan Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667): Life and Work Ph.D. 2007 Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert
BANNER, Lisa The Religious Patronage of the Duke of Lerma Ph.D. 2006 Brown, Jonathan
BILLS, Emily The Telephone Shapes Los Angeles: Communications and Built Space, 1880-1950 Ph.D. 2006 Cohen, Jean-Louis
BUSH, Olga Architecture, Poetic Texts and Textiles in the Alhambra Ph.D. 2006 Soucek, Priscilla
DICKERSON, Claude Bernini and Before: Modeled Sculpture in Rome, ca. 1600-25 Ph.D. 2006 Westermann, Mariët
FERGUSON, Sharon The Art of Sawrey Gilpin: Romantic Expression, Humane Sensibility Ph.D. 2006 Rosenblum, Robert
FLANIGAN, Theresa The Ponte Vecchio: Building an Urbanized Bridge in Early Modern Florence Ph.D. 2006 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
FLENTYE, Laurel The Decorated Elite Mastaba and Rock-Cut Tomb in the Eastern and GIS Cemeteries at Giza and their Relationship to the Development of Art During the Fourth Dynasty Ph.D. 2006 O'Connor, David
HOBART, Michelle Sardinian Medieval Churches and their Bacini: Architecture Embedded with Archaeology Ph.D. 2006 Trachtenberg, Marvin L.
HOISINGTON, Rena Maurice-Quentin de la Tour and the Triumph of Pastel Painting in Eighteenth-Century France Ph.D. 2006 Westermann, Mariët
KLAR PHILLIPS, Laura The Architecture of the Roman Theater: Origins, Canonization, and Dissemination Ph.D. 2006 Welch, Katherine
KOON, Yeewan Literati Iconoclasm: Violence and Estrangement in the Art of Su Renshan (1814-c.1850) Ph.D. 2006 Hay, Jonathan
MICHAEL, Cora As Much as the Light: The Importance of Shadows in the Art of Camille Pissarro Ph.D. 2006 Nochlin, Linda
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